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April 21, 2006


Geir Tore T. Hanssen

Thanks, lost=easy..These words courage me endless much! Good job Arne!


Excellent insight. That is a wonderful way to think about people.

Anna Nilsen

This was good stuff Arne. The greatest truths are often the most simple.
Good to hear you this Easter, only one thing to say "stå på" in your new anointing.
These are exciting times for Bergen!


I understand perfectly what you mean! This is a new perspective in the parables, the ownership before they were lost, it is important. Realy.
Hehe, imagin your selvf how manny "Wanted - posters" God must have printed, or how manny "missed kids messages" there are on the milk bottle at the table of The Lord?

Missing people....and then the name....Oh sadness!


But of course there is a hope for everyone! Jesus saves!
What a beautifull day it is coing to be, when the missing people returning home!

Akinola Akinyede

Arne, nice line of thought and choice of words. The good news in the parables is that God is longing and seeking to restore all those who are unsaved to Himself.


Interresting thinking Arne about the word "lost". Reading your post I was thinking about the TV program LOST. They are waiting for som rescue. And if you put in your thinking of the word "lost" we can then say that they re not lost on that island but missed. They re waiting for us to find them and bring them back from where they belong: to GOD!

Gavin White

God owns the harvest - AMEN, We called to bring in that harvest in plentiful measure-great post Arne

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