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April 19, 2006


Hugh Griffiths

"I will share the gospel with words but also in power" - Excellent! This is so important to remember and a message that we are still stirred with following your visit to use here in Swansea, Wales. Sounds like you had an excellent Easter conference - look forward to catching up with you at the next international ministries event. Hugh

Jason Kater

inspiring!! God is good. I see this in my life too. Yesterday, a man was saved while I was waiting for a friend to be released from the hospital. I knew him from my place of work but God knew him as a child of God that day and invited him into the kingdom through the gospel message being shared with him. It was amazing and has already produced change. And thanks to the other unknown brother who picked this man up while hitch-hiking earlier in the day and spread God's love to him by talking about his faith! This produced a yearning in this man for something new. He is now born-again and knows God's love: Eternal life and inspiration to change daily through a relationship with Jesus in the Holy Spirit!! Hallelujah!!


Great post. Today and everyday I should expect a harvest.PRAISE THE LORD


New Life 22

Dear Kerri Jones

You've really screwed things up in Canada haven't you!!!

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